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Summertown is located at the northern most tip of Lawrence County and is bordered by Lewis, Maury, and Giles Counties. Summertown is an unincorporated community which encompasses an area of 62.9 miles. Summertown's population was 3,552 as of the 2000 census. Summertown is home to The Farm, an international community based on principles of nonviolence and respect for the Earth, with 200 residents. The Farm was founded in 1971 by Steven Gaskin and 320 San Francisco hippies. The area is also known for Stillhouse Hollow Falls State Natural Area. The main feature of the area is Stillhouse Hollow Falls, a 75 foot waterfall.



Ethridge is located in the northeastern quadrant of Lawrence County. The town has a population of 536 and comprises an area of 1.2 square miles. The unincorporated area to the north of Ethridge is home to the majority of Lawrence County's Amish population with more than 200 Amish farms. Authentic Amish goods are available for purchase at retail stores outside of the Amish community or on the Amish farms themselves. Ethridge is also home to a historical Caboose once used by trainmen.



Lawrenceburg is located 4 miles east of the geographic center of Lawrence County and serves as the county seat. Lawrenceburg's population was 10,796 in 2000. It is Lawrence County's most populated municipality. The city limits encompass 12.6 square miles. Lawrenceburg is the most heavily industrialized city in Lawrence County and is home to multiple retail opportunities. Lawrenceburg is home to the David Crockett State Park which totals more than 1,000 acres of land including the original sites of a gristmill, distillery, and powder mill once owned by David Crockett, the legendary frontiersman and martyred hero of the battle of the Alamo. The park enjoys a full range of recreational facilities. The Old Jail Museum, built in 1893 and used as a jail until 1973, is also available for viewing in Lawrenceburg. Lawrenceburg is also the home of the James D. Vaughan Southern Gospel Music Museum, named for the founder of Southern Gospel Music. Also in Lawrenceburg are the following: David Crockett Cabin and Museum, Mexican War Monument, David Crockett Cherokee Museum, and the Historic Crockett Theater.



Loretto is located in the southwestern portion of Lawrence County. The city features a population of 1,665 people and encompasses 6.5 square miles. Loretto is home to more than 10 industrial facilities and the most scenic of golf course communities. Loretto is home to the Ralph J. Passarella Memorial Museum which features exhibits about America's frontier days and life in the rural South from the early 1800s. Clax Branch Golf Course is an 18-hole golf facility which features rolling hills, streams, wildlife, lakes, and plenty of scenic views.



Iron City is located at the southwestern tip of Lawrence County and borders Wayne County. Iron City has a population of 368 people and has a total area of 0.9 square miles. Iron City is home to Iron City Stamping, an 80 job industrial facility. The Shoal Creek Canoe Run begins and/or ends in Iron City. The run is a scenic masterpiece and is safe for the entire family.



St. Joseph is located on the southwestern corner of Lawrence County and borders northern Alabama. St. Joseph has a population of 829 people and totals an area of 3.6 square miles. St. Joseph is home to some of the most fertile agricultural land in middle Tennessee. St. Joseph is known for its Happy Days festival and the Historic St. Joseph Catholic Church.