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One of the first Commissioners and Justices of the Peace for Lawrence County was David Crockett. David Crockett-pioneer, soldier, politician, industrialist, legislator, statesman, patriot and hero established a diversified industry consisting of a powder mill, gristmill and a distillery along the bank of Shoal Creek in what is now his namesake park. All three operations were washed away in a flood in 1821. After the flood, Crockett left Lawrence County and moved to West Tennessee. He later left for the Alamo Mission where he died while aiding the Texans in their fight for independence from Mexico.





Fred Dalton Thompson moved to Lawrenceburg at a young age. He attended elementary school here and fred thompsongraduated from Lawrence County High School. During summers he worked at the post office and the former Murray Ohio Bicycle Mfg. Co. He is an actor, senator, lawyer, lobbyist, public speaker, and radio personality. Thompson became nationally known as the Watergate Committee Chief Minority Council 1973-74, and went on to serve on numerous prestigious governmental committees. As an actor he appeared in a large number of movies and television shows. He joined the cast of NBC's long running TV show, Law and Order, until he asked to be released from his contract to campaign for the 2008 United States Presidential election.





michael jeter

Michael Jeter was born in Lawrenceburg in 1952. After studying theater at Memphis State he went to New York City and became successful in Broadway shows such as Grand Hotel. He won a Tony Award for best actor for his role. He also had starring roles in many movies including The Green Mile and Jurassic Park lll, just to name two. He became famous to millions of TV viewers when he appeared on the CBS situation comedy Evening Shade. Jeter won an Emmy for his role and went on to be nominated for the next two years. He was also widely known to toddlers and preschoolers as Sesame Street's lovable buffoon, Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle.





david weathers

Lawrence County native, David Weathers made his major league debut as a baseball pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays. In addition, David has played for the Florida Marlins, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Houston Astros, and the Cincinnati Reds. David was playing with the Yankees the year they won the World Series.






James D. Vaughan transformed Lawrenceburg into the undisputed capitol of Gospel Music in America. People came from all over the south to attend his school of music. Vaughan Publishing Company vaughan james davidprinted gospel music books and had branch offices in South Carolina and Mississippi. Because of Vaughan's pioneering work, Lawrenceburg was recognized as the Birthplace of Southern Gospel Music in August, 1999 by the 106th Congress, 1st Session.