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"All Source Logistics has been in Lawrence County since October 1999. Lawrence County has an excellent business climate and well trained employees which is critical to the success of any business.

All Source and its employees have had a long-standing and solid partnership with the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. The key to strengthening our community is the foundation we build with organizations such as the Chamber. We share a common goal of ensuring tomorrow's growth through today's business, economic and community development. Participation in the Chamber allows us to network with the business leaders of the city and exchange business opportunities. We also are able to return the welcome we have received to the new businesses that come to Lawrence County. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and the benefits it brings to our community."

T.R. Williams

Vice President

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"A strong workforce and a positive business climate are two advantages Modine enjoys in Lawrence County. High-quality, skilled employees allow us to be a leader in our corporation -- in terms of productivity, work ethic, and safety.

In fact, our facility is one of six in Tennessee to earn the Commissioner’s Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety. Modine has operated here for 25 years with the Chamber’s strong support. Recently, when we faced competitive pressure requiring training resources, the Chamber helped secure an Incumbent Worker Training Grant – the first awarded in the State. The Chamber supports our goals for on-going workforce development by arranging computer/technology training for our people. Together, we are working with area educators to develop tomorrow’s workforce. Our business climate is highly competitive and fast-paced; Lawrence County meets the challenge while retaining a strong sense of community. From Lawrenceburg, we do business all over the world as part of a major corporation: Modine Manufacturing Company, specializing in thermal management, has annual revenues of $1.7 billion and employs more than 8,000 people at 35 facilities around the globe."

Greg Mansfield
Plant Manager
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Graphic Packaging International has been a part of Lawrence County for over twenty-five years. The location of our facility has been instrumental in our continued growth and success.

Location is a major part of any manufacturing operation. Being fairly centered in the Southeast region has allowed us to service a number of our customers in a timely and economical manner, keeping shipping distances effective and freight costs minimized. We are also well positioned with many of our major suppliers again allowing for good freight options. Most importantly have been the people resources. We have found people to be well educated, highly motivated and willing to accept change, which is very important in today’s market. We have been tasked in our facility to be the growth engine for Graphic Packaging International, and this decision was based on the abilities of our employees to adept to new processes, equipment and manufacturing methods. We have worked closely with local schools and technology centers to identify the continuing needs and challenges that face today’s workforce. We truly appreciate the efforts put forth by all local training counsels. With this energy and focus, we ensure the opportunity for continued growth not only for our operations, but Lawrence County as well.

Greg Romsdale
Plant Manager
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